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Our Service offering

PIMFA  have a history of building and maintaining good stakeholder relationships and we continue  doing so by building trust, maintaining dialogue and offering our views and expertise to achieve the best outcomes for our members as the collective  voice of the industry. 

Collaboration is key to the achievement of good regulatory outcomes.  Our stakeholders are regulators, government agencies, other trade bodies, industry infrastructures and any other entity involved in the regulatory process.  

Our members are the reason we exist as a trade association and are at the heart of everything we do.  With this in mind we are one of the few associations to offer a direct point of contact, a team of regulatory subject matter experts and access to our resources on the day to day issues our members face.

We support our members through complex regulatory change, compliance and operations projects by offering:

  • Personalised support
  • Regulatory analysis, rules interpretation and referrals to the regulator
  • Regular engagement in the form of working groups
  • Good practice sharing
    Publications, technical papers and guides, updates

We help our members plan for the future by:

  • Supporting the membership in the formation of industry views
  • Drafting consultation responses and performing follow-up engagement
  • Influencing the future position of policy
  • Engaging the membership in the exploration of new technologies, processes and infrastructures with potential to impact the business (e.g. open wealth) 
  • Engaging industry experts on relevant topics and trends which impact our membership (e.g. digital assets, fraud) 
  • Facilitating the sharing of good practice through peer to peer collaboration, which enables your business to understand where you are vis a vis your counterparts

In the last year PIMFA has read and analysed over more than 2,300 pages of Regulation and Policy on behalf of our members.

Topics PIMFA are currently leading on and have had success in are…

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